GoldFlex #605 Highway Grade Hot Rubber

GoldFlex Asphalt Crack and Joint Sealant is a premium hot melt, polymer-modified, asphalt crack sealant designed for use on asphalt roads and highways. GoldFlex #605 Cracker sealant is a blend of SBS polymer modified asphalt, fillers, and additives designed as a hot applied, premium pavement joint and crack sealant. Application to prepared joints or cracks is by hot application from a heated melter then squeegeed into place. Only 100% new polymer is used, with no recycled polymer, rubber or reclaimed rubber, giving superior performance over a variety of temperatures and climates. It is packaged in easy-to-use 35 lb. “bricks” that are wrapped with meltable poly in an individual cardboard carton and palletized.


For best application, use an oil-jacketed melter and dispense the material between 340º – 350ºF. Never exceed 380ºF, as product performance will be degraded. Goldflex will also work with direct fire melters if proper care is taken to limit flame intensity. A gentle flame works best when using this equipment – avoid overheating material. Only apply to cracks, normally 1/4″ and wider, and apply with either a pressure feed wand system or gravity pour pots. Use a “V” or “U” shaped squeegee to strike off material and avoid excess “bands” on the surface.

#605 Highway Grade
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