Cool Temp Coating #390

Cool Temp Coatings is an innovative asphalt pavement cooling system that beautifies and protects asphalt pavement surfaces against oxidation, deterioration, harsh weather conditions, ultraviolet sun-rays, and reduces the temperature of your asphalt pavement surface up to 30°. Cool Temp Coatings is based on the same industry-leading HP #310 GoldCoat Sealcoat formulation.

Cool Temp Coating is an asphalt-based product, not an acrylic-based. It also extends the life of your pavement and meets LEED & EPA requirements, has no road glares, or shadows. Cool Temp Coating makes dark roads much brighter at night.

Cool Temp Coatings

Product Benefits

(RTU) Ready to use

  • Reduces the temperature of asphalt surfaces.
  • Can be applied with Goldstar’s Game Changer. “not just the hand squeegee method”
  • Is manufactured with recycled materials.
  • Is used for public roadways, bikeways, parking lots, and school playgrounds.
  • Available in 5-gallon buckets, 55-gallon drums & 250 gallon totes.

Public Agencies, Property Managers, Schools, & HOA’s