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GoldStar Asphalt Products is a disabled veteran-owned small business, and we offer material, rental equipment, tools, and supplies. GoldStar Asphalt has been certified by the California Department of General Services as a Participant in the State’s DVBE / SB Business Program. GSA is the only Asphalt Sealcoating Manufacturing company that is a  DVBE. You can get your participation goals by purchasing our products or supplies.

About Our President

Mr. Bauer’s life of service and leadership began in the sixth grade when he first enrolled at St. Catherin’s military school. By the eighth grade, Mr. Bauer’s potential for leadership became apparent as he was promoted to Second Lieutenant, in charge of his own Platoon. At graduation, Mr. Bauer had nothing on his mind but how to serve his country. Knowing that his calling in life was to help rescue people, Mr. Bauer immediately joined the U.S. Coast Guard and began a rewarding and successful military career.


Throughout his active military service, Mr. Bauer experienced harrowing rescues of men, women, and children. While all Mr. Bauer’s experiences altered his life forever and will always remain with him, he will never regret the service he provided and the lives he saved. Mr. Bauer remained a reservist for two years after being honorably discharged from active duty. As a disabled veteran, Mr. Bauer moved to California and began running a day-program facility that helps people with developmental disabilities live successful rewarding lives. After serving disabled adults for over 20 rewarding years, Mr. Bauer invested in GoldStar Asphalt Products, where he currently serves as President. At GoldStar, Mr. Bauer is committed to providing the best asphalt-related products and services available in the industry at the most competitive prices. At GoldStar, Mr. Bauer serves public and private contractors, owners, and project managers to obtain products, equipment, and services for a wide variety of construction projects and is ready to continue his service to the great men and women in the asphalt construction industry.