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Many of you already know GoldStar Asphalt Products and for some of you, we may not have had the pleasure to work with you yet.  In any event, we would like to take the opportunity to introduce (or re-introduce) you to GoldStar Asphalt Products and let you know what we can do for you. We have been in the asphalt manufacturing business since 1995 and we manufacture and sell some of the finest asphalt products available. We are based in Southern California, with hub locations located in South Carolina, and Indiana.

We are reaching out to you to respectfully request that you include our products on your approved products list and to consider GoldStar on any of the projects that you may have upcoming for your public agencies, school districts, or private works.  Our crack sealing and pavement coatings products are guaranteed to be an asset for you, your team and your clients.  Our products have and will always continue rigorous testing to make sure that we deliver the best products at all times.  Each batch of product that we manufacture is tested in our in-house lab and, before products are shipped to a job site, it is tested a second time for quality assurance.  You can also rest assured that test results will always be available and provided to you upon request. Samples of products are always available upon request.

Moreover, we are not one of these companies that disappear after our products are on your approved products’ list.  Rather, once GoldStar is approved, we will be available to you 24/7.  You will have a company liaison and you will have access to direct email and hotlines to our engineers who will assist you on product solutions and on-site matters that you may need assistance with when you’re putting together a RFP for your clients, or where a project is underway.

Also, we can also schedule an in-person or Zoom tour of our plant at any time so you can see how we do what we do and live plant tours are granted upon request.  Below is a snap shot of some information relevant to our company:

GoldStar Asphalt Products was founded in 1995. Company is not a franchise company but rather family owned and operated.

All mix designs are owned by GoldStar investments.

GSA meets the current specifications with the California Public Works Geenbook Section 203, 203-9, 203,9.2, Section 302-8, 302-8.2, ,302-8.2.1, ,302-8.2.2. California CalTrans specification, Chapter 4 Section 37.

We have an in-house laboratory.

We have site testing

30 full time employees

Three Low bed trailers

Six 5,000 gallon delivery tankers

Ten 6,000 gallon jobber tanks

Eight 550 gallon spray trailers

Five hot rubberized crack sealing machines.

Plant inspections Monday through Saturday with two-hours’ notice.

GoldStar is the largest Pavement equipment rental division in Southern California

If your contractors have a breakdown on equipment we offer full rental equipment and all equipment is carb compliant to keep your projects on schedule.

Onsite inspections for any of our products being applied at no charge.

Field testing kits

All material stored on site for your contractors will be fully agitated with independent pump systems on each jobber tank

Also, here is a list of products that we manufacture:

Our HP 310 does not have the water sensitivity that others have with their sealcoat products. Our products have NO COAL TAR.

Let us prove to you that GoldStar Asphalt Products is the gold-standard in crack sealing and pavement coatings products.  Add us to your preferred products’ list and contact us as soon as possible so that you too can take advantage of our exceptional products, unbeatable customer service and preferred pricing.

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