At Goldstar Asphalt Products we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding the demands of contractors. We are a full-service Regional Supplier in the Southern California Asphalt Maintenance market.

Our fleet of Asphalt Seal Coat job tanks and sealcoat transfer vehicles are second to none. We know that it’s important for you to have a great first impression with your client.  Our job tanks and transfer vehicles are maintained to wow your client.   Rest assured our dedication to wowing your clients does not stop at our tanks and equipment. GoldCoat HP310 sealcoat has been designed to exceed your customer’s expectations. Our products are measured and conform with the Greenbook 203-9 specification for asphalt sealer.  Our wet-track abrasion numbers far exceed the standard which means your client is going to experience a sealcoat that passes the test of time.

Have a large job? Our Proprietary Game Changer and Game Changer x2 System has been engineered to help you safely complete jobs in record time while ensuring superior quality minimal downtime for your client and reduced labor hours in the field.