Commercial and retail spaces are high traffic areas.  Owners, managers and contractors that work in this fast pace environment simply don’t have time for delays related to construction materials, equipment or manpower.  At Goldstar Asphalt products can help with each part of the equation here’s how:

  • Goldstars line of Premium Manufactured Products
    • Goldcoat HP #310 Sealcoat
    • Goldstar #315 Cold Pour Crackfiller
    • Goldstar #341 Sealcoat Defender Additive
    • Goldstar #330 Oil Seal
    • Goldstar #325 Tack SS1H
  • Goldstars line of rental equipment
    • Full line of operated asphalt maintenance equipment
    • Full line of sealcoat equipment

When you specify Goldstars, Goldcoat HP #310 on your next seal coat job you can rest assured knowing you’re putting down a durable seal that will pass the test of time.

When you add 2-3% of Goldstars #341 Sealcoat Defender to any manufacturers sealcoat you can be confident that the you are bolstering the characteristic that matter the most in any sealcoat product.  Regardless of the sealcoat brand used, when #341 Sealcoat Defender is added, your sealcoat will hold stronger, last longer and dry faster.