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230 Gallon Pave-Mate Trailer Unit

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The 230-gallon Pave-Mate comes in Skid and Trailer Models with or without Distributor Bars.


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Product Description

Key Benefits

• Precise control of spray volume and pressure from a positive displacement gear pump and adjustable pressure relief.
• Even mixing and heating of oil from a recirculation system that minimizes asphaltic buildup.
• Selective lock-in/lock-out pattern adjustment and leak-free shut-off provided by heat-treated rotary distributor bar internal spray valve assemblies (only with distributor bar option).
• Non-pressurized tank eliminates the danger of explosion or sudden pressure release during filling.
• Fast cleanup, using efficient solvent flushing system, that cleans the pump, plumbing, hose, spray wand and distributor bar.
• 12-volt DC LPG ignitor.
• 160 CC electric start engine is standard.
• 5′ lightweight spray wand with end shutoff valve and recirculation feature with standard 25′ hose (50′ hose optional).
• Pump bonnet covering asphalt pump heated by both LPG and gas engine exhaust.



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